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Paid to Click Business Model

1. Earn Clikcoins

We share up to 100% of our profits with our community. Earn on visiting websites, reffering others, playing clixgrid and more...

2. Advertisers

Get more traffic and sales for your website

3. Affiliates

Refer others and multiply your earnings

We are offering 24/7 Instant Support
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Professional Team
Decentralized Cryptocurrency
Long Term Business
Innovative Ideas
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We share up to 100% with our community.
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What is ClikCoin?

Clikcoin is a cryptocurrency (an Altcoin). We are cryptocurrency fans. Our idea was to create a cryptocurrency connected to online advertising. For now we have PTC. In near future we are planning to add CPM, CPA and CPC business models to connect with webmasters of the other sites. We want to provide the same business model as Google AdSense. You receive more traffic and more sales thanks to ClikCoin.