Frequently Asked Questions
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If you have question please send support ticket by our ticket system, or ask on forum.


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How to withdraw your earnings

Please check a post on forum link

Please don't make mistakes in Clikcoin adress. We can not refund you your Clikcoin when you fill in wrong adress.

Link to download your Clikcoin Wallet

Install, Backup And Restore A Clikcoin Wallet. Or, Almost Any CryptoCoin Wallet (Windows)

Please watch video on youtube

About Project

Please start use our products. If you will use, you will know how it's work.

Have you knowledge about cryptocurrencies?

Clikcoin is copy of old Bitcoin open-source code.
We create new economy thanks Clikcoin. We was need fast easy transaction system to make payments for our products without limits. Thanks Clikcoin we can grow faster. We see Bitcoin success and we believe in Clikcoin. On youtube you have more information what is bitcoin. We was not created something new
Next we was set up
Paid to clik sites are easy to duplicate and many people takes part in it around the world. Thanks that we bulding society.
About Paid to clik sites and Evolution Script you have a lot of topics on Internet. Just try google.

Another product we was created
Also we was not created something new
There are many exchange sites like

And others

Another product is
Is the same. Only difference this is only text exchange

Many people around the world use traffic exchanges.

Another project is
We have a pool mining but nobody use it for now and we don't have 100% sure If it work well.

Please share your feelings about pool on our forum

Another site is
Our exchange works well and also we was not created nothing new. 

You now sites as and others.

We have other products also. We want to build strong products for our society and monetize cryptocurrency Clikcoin.

If you have more questions. Need help or something. Please start new topic on forum

We wish you good future with this project.